About Us

Our novel approach to wedding photos and videos is unscripted, refreshing and captivating. Adopting a light-hearted and earnest style to our works, we aspire to capture the emotional beauty of the journey you are about to embark on. Weaving together your best memories into a visually stunning keepsake that sparks a sense of nostalgia when revisited for years to come, for life.

The Duo

Jootz // Photographer, Cinematographer
The brainchild of Back Alley Creations, Jootz draws his inspiration from the multitude of shows, movies and performances that he watches. Being able to soak in the stories of people and the meaningful atmosphere of weddings is something that he truly treasure.

Some random facts?
– Jootz is short form for Joo Teng and he’s 100% Singaporean Chinese.
– His comfort food is Bak Chor Mee and Cai Png.
– Before this, he was a professional hip-hop dancer and has performed on both local and international platforms
– Free-spirited and always ready for new experiences, some of his random skills include cooking, sewing and fixing sockets.

Ryan // Photographer
My love for photography stems from my passion for films. I enjoy re-watching movies over and over again, always discovering new details that I’ve missed previously.

The same can be said about photos – moments frozen in time. Revisiting it at different points of your life brings about a different perspective, a different emotion, and a different experience of the same memory.

To be able to document and provide that unique memory for your wedding, would be my genuine pleasure.